Escape Room Bovec

Escape Room Bovec

Long time ago a bank robbery happened in the village but the principal was not found till today. The old gendarme made a resolution not to end his occupation before the thief was found. Years are passing and lately he desperately catches all unknown people who turn up in the town. Now YOU find yourself in his prison cell. During the day you have heard, that there is a way out, however it is well hidden. Your only hope is the short time when he is seeking for new victims. You have one hour! Will you manage?

Escape room is a unique, very original and extremely fun experience for everyone who loves mystery and enigmas. It is a perfect choice, when the bad weather limits the selection of outdoor activities. The goal of the game is to escape from the locked room.

Escape room Soča Splash is built as a local prison. It has 3 rooms, from which the players must find the way out. There are various hints in order to facilitate the escape. The rooms are full of interesting enigmas, well-hidden objects and locks which can help you to find your way out. Can you solve them?

Trust your instincts and follow the signs!

WHEN: every day, by agreement
WHERE: office Soča Splash on address Trg golobarskih žrtev 21 in center of Bovec
DURATION: 1 hour
PRICE: 60€ for 2 people
15€ for every next person (up to 6 people)
SUITABLE: for older than 5 years
WHERE TO PARK: parking places in the center of Bovec are limited to one hour. It is suggested to park on the free public parking places nearby.